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Use this App to make orders on household goods and groceries from any supermarket of choice.

Shop from your favourite retailer from the comfort of your home

The App eShopper offers shopping solutions for shoppers who can now shop at their favorite retailers from wherever they are and the shopping will be delivered anywhere they want. The new app only requires the shopper to pick items and make a shopping list on the app, then choose the retailer they want their shopping done and the shopping will be delivered at any destination they want within Nairobi City and its outskirts.

Competitive Advantage

Real Time Delivery

Use of efficient mode of delivery

Ease of Use

Search the goods needed and make a shopping list .

First to Market

Providing household shopping through an app

Design and Brand

Simple rememberable Name

Business Model

- We take a 15% commission for every transaction.
- 73.7% of e-commerce sites get 100, 000 unique visitors or less
- 10.5% 100,000-200,000 unique visitors
- 5% 200,000-300,000
- 10.5% 300,000-or more
- Shoppers with e-shopper 15% of the available market
- Kshs. 225/- average fee for Kshs. 1500/- worth of shopping
- 225 * 227 = 51, 075 per day * 1, 532, 250 per year * 18, 387, 000 per annum


1. Congestion in Nairobi city has lead to traffic jams and reduced parking spaces.

2. Shopping consumes time which is a concern in the city.

3. Price comparison is a challenge and a major concern for many shoppers.

This App is Free on Google PlayStore

Market Size

1. Total population – 4, 000, 000

2. Number of supermarkets- 522

3. Online purchasers – 4%


An application where a shopper can shop from anywhere and have the shopping delivered.

1. Save time
2. Make money
3. Convenience

Our Team

Douglas Okari - Managing Director

Tylor Ongwae - Founder & CEO


Nairobi, Kenya

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